Town Of Petersburgh
 Birth Records 1910 - 1913 

Allen, Victoria
Victoria Allen October 22nd, 1911

Birth Records 1910 - 1913

Here are digital copies of the Town of Petersburgh Birth Records for 1910 - 1913


These records have been uploaded by Last Name - First Name.  Images also have the Date of Birth Captions.


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Babcock, Edson James
Babcock, Genervia
Baker, Julius Edmond
Barnhart, Milton J.
Bass, Layton
Bass, Lucy
Bass, Rachel
Bentley, Bessie M
Bentley, Forest Frank
Bentley, Lawrence Perne
Bentley, Mildred Hazel
Blanchard, Charles Franklin
Brock, Claude T.
Burdick, Boulah
Burdick, Eugene Perry
Burdick, Josephine
Burdick, Lawrence Christopher
Burdick, Unnamed
Burke, Dorothy Katharine
Burke, William
Church, Agnes Mae
Church, Edna
Church, Gerry Ralph
Church, Katharine
Church, Lewis H.
Crandall, Edgar Perry
Crandall, Mariam Netty
Eldred, Unnamed
Feathers, Douglas
Gardner, Eva May
Goodermote, Lester Edward
Gorman, William Edward
Hakes, Alvira May
Hakes, Janet
Hakes, Lucy
Hall, Clarence Stevens
Hawley, Henry William
Hewitt, Donald Seward
Hewitt, Lawrence Harold
Hewitt, Marian Isabella
Hull, Elizabeth
Hulshiger, Kenneth Lorenzo
Jones, Archie Alfred
Jones, Edna May
Jones, Fannie
Jones, Forest
Jones, Helen
Jones, Katharine
Kenyon, Paul
Lewis, Stanley
Lohnes, Charles Warren
Lohnes, Elizabeth Julia
Loker, Norman
Maxon, Ida Lily
Maxon, Lawrence W.
Maynard, Adelbert J.
Maynard, Filinda Hazel
Moon, Alfred
Moon, Eugene Allie
North, James William (1st Notice)
North, James William (2nd Notice)
O'Dell, Bessie Ann
Percy, Jean
Perkins, Andrew Herschel
Reed, Aaron Warren
Reinicke, Dorothy Sarah
Reynolds - Lucy Gifford
Scriven, Darius Fuller
Simon - Marjorie Blendina
Smith, Clyde
Smith, Elwin
Smith, Mildred Elizabeth
Spencer, Layton William
Stevens - Nellie Madeline
Stevens - Seymour H.
Stewart, Margie Ellen
Sweet, Raymond Forest
Thomas, Jesse Stevens
Thomas, Lizzie Violet
Thomas, Willard
Tucker, Esther
Vadakin, Robert Eugene
Vincent - George Edward
Wells, Elinor